Life In The Spirit Seminars

Receiving the Holy Spirit & His Gifts, Empowered by God

We all need the power of God’s Holy Spirit to live out our daily lives in the midst of the struggles and temptations in today’s world. Without the help of the Holy Spirit, it is impossible for us to walk a Catholic Christian life through our own efforts.

Pope John Paul II described it as “a grace directed to sanctify the Church, to renew in her the taste for prayer, and to rediscover with the Holy Spirit the sense of thankfulness, of joyful praise, of confident intercession, and to be converted into a new fountain of evangelization.

The Seminar is an introduction to a life lived in the power of the Holy Spirit. Through a series of talks, worship, Scripture teachings, song, and personal testimonies, participants explore faith topics, including the basic message of salvation, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, as well as the potential and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Contemporary Christian music will also be part of this seminar, as will discussion and prayer. Presenters will also share some personal testimonies. (examples of the Holy Spirit) Guidance will also be offered in how to maintain a close, intimate relationship with Jesus.

Call or email at any of the locations listed below to attend this wonderful experience

2022 – Life In The Spirit Seminars

ONLINE – 7 Week Life In The Spirit Seminar – SUNDAYS:

We are pleased to announced that we will be running a 7 week Life in the Spirit Seminar from January 23 to March 06, 2022. You can find more details and how to sign up here:

IN PERSON – 8 Week Life In The Spirit Seminar – THURSDAYS:

Sponsored by “Queen of Peace Prayer Group” starting March 10 at 7:00PM. It will take place at Holy Family Ukrainian Catholic Church, 1001 Grant Ave, Winnipeg, MB. To Register/Info please contact: Leonard Terrick 204-227-6911 – email: / Marianne Derkach 204-284-4976 / Hazel Borodey 204-837-7179 – email:

Phone: (204) 895-7544